Medical History Forms

You are asked to complete our confidential practice medical history form before your initial appointment.  If you haven't attended the practice before or for any other reason would like a copy of our Medical History Form we can e-mail, fax or post you a copy if you prefer.  To ensure that we are always aware of any changes in your medical condition you will be asked to update this annually but please advise us of any changes between updates.

List of Medication

A Medical History Form includes information about any medication you are taking.  It is important that we have a full and accurate list for any medications you are be taking so please bring an up-to-date list showing names, dosages and regularity of use.


If you are taking any blood thinning medication (e.g. Warfarin) then it is important you bring your INR book. If you forget we may not be able to carry out the planned treatment.