Digital Radiographs

Bite-wing radiographs

If necessary during your dental examination two small radiographs called bite-wing radiographs will be taken - they are of the back teeth on both sides. Bite-wing radiographs are taken to look for signs of new decay that may be starting underneath existing fillings or between teeth which otherwise would not be detected until significatn damage has occurred.  Bite-wing radiographs are often routinely repeated every two years, but this will depend on a patient's individual needs.


Periapical radiographs

Occasionally and also only if necessary, additional small radiographs called periapical radiographs may be taken at your examination for diagnostic purposes.  This is a small image usually taken to look at one tooth or one specific area where more localised information is helpful.


OPG (orthopantomagram) radiograph

An OPG radiograph is a panoral scanning dental x-ray of the upper and lower jaws and all teeth present erupted or un-erupted.  It shows a two-dimensional view from ear to ear.  An OPG radiograph is often taken to look at wisdom teeth or crowding of teeth in children but it has many other diagnostic purposes and benefits.


Our OPG machine is a state-of-the-art digital OPG machine which produces 300 multi-layer images per second during a single panoramic exposure by means of a retro emitted electron beam created by the X-ray bombardment of the cadmium telluride screens. The technology was developed at the European atomic physics facility at Cerne in Switzerland and this practice is the first in the UK to install an OPG machine using this technology.