Important Information on Accompanying Under 16's

ALL  children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by someone with “Parental Responsibility” as treatment cannot be carried out without the express consent of an adult with these legal rights.

"Parental Responsibility” falls upon a person or persons that the law recognises as being able to legally consent on behalf of the minor. Siblings, grandparents, friends of the family etc are NOT able to consent unless they have been awarded these Rights through a legal route.

Saftey In The Surgery

It is important to remember that while a Dental Surgery is designed to be as safe as possible, there are many potential hazards. With this in mind we ask that you follow these suggestions to keep your child’s visit as safe as possible.

  • Keep any children that are not in the dental chair within arm’s reach. Do not allow your child to wander around the Surgery.

  • Do not let a child near the dental chair unless requested by the dentist.


We also advise that when coming to the dentist with children, there are at least two adults present. This allows one adult to supervise the child/children in the waiting room while the other child or parent receives treatment.  

Consideration for other Practice Users

People within the practice may be anxious or in pain, receiving treatment, carrying out tasks or trying to communicate with a member of staff.


With this in mind we ask that…


  • Children remain close to an adult at all times and are prevented from running around the waiting room or up and down the stairs

  • Noise is kept to a minimum out of respect for other practice users