Whilst we would like to be able to see all patients, due to the nature of the practice building some of our treatment areas and facilities are not accessible to wheelchairs.  If you are a wheelchair user or cannot cope with climbing stairs please inform us before attending so we can help you receive the treatment you need here or make arrangements for you to be seen at another practice that is fully accessible.


Similarly, the premises are not suitable to house mobility scooters, wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams, buggies, bicycles, children’s bicycles or scooters.  However, we provide a designated area for the above items in the courtyard at the rear of the premises which is accessed by the driveway at the side of the building.  Items are left there at the owner's risk.  Please do not bring any of these items through the premises.


Should you have any questions regarding accessibility or you want to talk to our team before you come to plan your visit because you have mobility limitations please call our reception on 01409 253684 / 01409 255525.